We capture fragments like structure, color and even the smell from the climate up north and bring it into a new story and a new situation. By taking style in consideration we are creating a unique piece of design to wear in new situations, other contexts.
One other thing that we very much would like to tell you about is why we are so passionate about our practice. We are not just inspired to create a nice products, we are also aiming for ecology. We have the aim to one day make the products entirely eco friendly and not harmful to the environment. We are also trying to increase the life length of the products and therefore we are choosing high quality materials that originate from nature. We assure the quality by making all our products by hand in a factory nearby. 
We would also very much like to be a source of inspiration in your stressful everyday life, a window to the nature. Follow us and visit our website for a moment of nature. And we hope to inside you to go out in the forest, travel and see new landscapes.